The Majority Says

The Majority Says…

… is a 6 piece modern pop band from Linköping, Sweden, who
released their first EP, “Best Night Ever” on Valentines day 2012, and immediately
hit it off big time when the song 114 was featured in a massive
TV campaign for Viasat Film in Scandinavia, generating genuine excitement and
interest in this truly unique band.

During the recording of their debut album end of 2011, The Majority Says finally
found the missing vital band members when discovering new lead singer Hanna and
bass player, Alex. The Majority Says roll call was finally complete and ready to take
on the world.

The band have recently returned from a short tour in Germany, and are in the
middle of a hectic summer touring Scandinavia plus readying the forthcoming
release of the full length album in late fall 2012. The band is at full speed.

Combining catchy melodies with clever instrumental hooks and intriguing vocal
arrangements, welded to a great production, The Majority Says delivers both
astoundingly good songs and awesome live performance.

Band line up :
Hanna Antonsson (vocals), Axel Engström (bass), Emil Berg (guitar),
Jonathan Lennerbrant (guitar), Mathias Jonasson (drums), Timo Krantz (synth,

Buy the EP ”Best Night Ever” and preorder the NEW ALBUM ”Under Streetlights” in our webshop!
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    The Majority Says
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    The Majority Says - Under Streetlights ALBUM
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    The Majority Says - Best Night Ever EP